Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Second Day in China

On our second day of our China trip, we visited the Golden Summit in Sichuan Sheng.  This World Heritage site boasts a golden temple on mountain with a giant golden Buddha statue.
To get to the site, we took a two or three hour bus ride to the park entrance.  You generally cannot take your own car up to the top, so we transferred to a park bus for the forty-five minute ride.  We then hiked a few kilometers to the top.  Later we found out that for another $200 or so, we could have ridden our van all the way to the top.  Even if we had known, we would have made the hike up.
Our timing was actually pretty good.  The guide told us that it is cloudy and overcast 300 plus days a year.  It was pretty cloudy when we first made it to the summit, but after a few minutes, we had the sun and blue sky peak through for a while.  As we made our way down, it started drizzling a little.  Fortunately, we had lunch near the top, and by the time we were done, the rain was done as well.
The view at the summit was nice.  There was a lot of riding and walking that day, and Tim ended up carrying Aleena part of the way up.  

We ended up staying in the Holiday Inn in Chengdu.  It was the second hotel in the second day.  







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