Monday, April 25, 2011

Panther Paws

Friday night was the start of the Panther Paws Track & Field events. For five Friday evenings in April and May, elementary students at ISB have the opportunity to compete in track and field style games.

I signed all three kids up. Jacob and Aleena were thrilled to participate, while Nalin was less than happy. She let me know that in no uncertain many times leading up to Friday, and at least three times on the ten minute bike ride to school. At the end though, they all had a lot of fun. Nalin would only admit that it was "ok", although I suspect that she enjoyed being with some of her friends.

All of the parents of participants are required to help in some way. Its really necessary because it takes a lot of people to coordinate so many events. I was lucky enough to be cast as the photographer. I had fun too.

Here are a few photos from the event.


_MG_1374 - Version 2



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