Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not in Kansas

Not in Kansas
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Last night was the premiere of ISB's elementary school production of the Wizard of Oz. Jacob played the part of Toto, that lovable dog that caused Dorothy to get caught in the tornado in the first place.

Actually Jacob was one of two people who played Toto. Most of the name roles had at least two people playing them. There were four Dorothy's in the production. I imagine that this was in part to get more people involved and in part to reduce the number of lines that anyone had to memorize.

While Toto didn't have much of a speaking part (he mostly barked, but did say "hey" at one point), he was on stage quite a bit. Jacob did a good job remembering his lines and acting out his part.

The entire group did a really nice job. At one point the Tinman forgot his line, and you could see Dorothy mouthing it to him. Still, they are 4th and 5th graders and really did a great job. The kids really put a lot of time in to practicing. Jacob had practice after school almost every day for a month.

The girls, Yaow and I went to the Thursday night show, as Tim was just getting back from India. I am going this afternoon, and Tim and I had planned on going tonight. Nalin and Aleena liked the show so much that I ended up buying tickets for them to come tonight as well.

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