Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snake Farm

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Today I was a chaperon on Nalin's class field trip to the Red Cross Snake Farm here in Bangkok. In addition to Nalin, I had a girl Gayathri and a boy Santi in my group. I know Santi from the Cub Scouts, he played on Jacob's basketball team, and has been in Nalin's class before. He is a bit mischievous, but was on pretty good behavior today.

The Red Cross Snake Farm has venomous and non-venomous snakes. They study the snakes and work to create anti-venom to treat snake bites. While I'm sure the kids found it more exciting than a day in school, its not a place that I would recommend someone visit if they are in Thailand only a short time. If you live here, then sure, maybe its worth a visit. Here for two weeks; there are other things you might enjoy more.

There are snakes in some cages on the grounds of the Snake Farm. Inside, there are exhibits that educate people on the different types of snakes, what they eat, how they mate, etc. There is a show where they bring out snakes for the kids to see, and they even let them pose with a python of some sort. There is also a demonstration where they milk a cobra to extract its venom.

Nalin had a lot of fun on the trip. Even though Caroline wasn't in her group, I managed to get a photo of them together. I have some other photos that I'll upload and post later.

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