Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cast Off and Bad Workout Ideas

I went to the hospital today and the doctor removed my cast.  The wound is not all the way closed up yet, so the doctor put a bandage on and I have to go back next week.  Until then I have to keep it dry, so I can't swim.

The hand is pretty stiff and hurts a little.  Its also still a little swollen.  Even so, I can start to use it, which is a big help. 

Traffic getting to the hospital this morning was awful.  I took a cab, and it took almost ninety minutes.  The way back was largely  traffic free and took less than forty.

I had the bright idea of trying to run this afternoon.  I'm itching to get working out again, but it was just a stupid idea.  It was way too hot and humid to run.  I probably only went 2.5 km.  Not impressive. 

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