Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sitting it Out

Some of the retired generals who support Thaksin and his red shirt cause are sitting out this latest rally reports the Bangkok Post.  They are not of the opinion that the protests will do anything to dislodge the current government and force new elections. 

One general predicted that the heat will cause the protests to be short lived.  The government has mobilized a force of 50,000 soldiers.  He stated that in addition to setting up check points to prevent weapons from entering Bangkok, the soldiers are also controlling the food and water that will be available to the protesters.  The general said that the opposition should instead focus on drawing attention to the government's alleged corruption. 

I agree with the generals that the protesters will not cause the collapse of this government with protests.  The military has been a supporter of this government, and there is no reason to believe that an election would result in a government that it likes more.  In fact, it is possible a new government could be one much more friendly to the red cause.

Still, I wonder if pointing out corruption will have the desired effect either. Certainly the current government claims that it is cleaning up corruption, and in one sense revealing corruption on its part might discredit it.  I'm not sure that this really matters to those in power, or even to most Thais.  Some might say its like revealing that there is gambling going on in Las Vegas. 

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