Monday, March 15, 2010

Seeing Red

The ill fated red shirt rally has taken an even more bizarre turn today.  After Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva declined to give into the protester's demand to dissolve the government and call for new elections, the UDD (leaders of the red shirt movement) leadership is looking to spill blood to get its way, but not in the way you might think.

The UDD is trying to get local hospitals to come and take blood donations from its members.  It wants to collect one million cc's of blood, and then spill it out around the government buildings.  The government officials would then have to walk through the blood of the protesters to carry on its functions.  While it make make for great drama, this is just a terrible idea.  First, its not a great idea from a public health perspective.  Let me rephrase that, its actually a health hazard to the protesters, government officials, and anyone else in the area. 

Secondly, the protesters are already exposed to the heat and humidity that is Bangkok's weather, so they really don't need to weaken themselves by donating blood.  It seems like this could actually put some of the protesters lives needlessly at risk.

Third, while it will get attention, this is not going to sway public opinion in favor of the red shirts.  I think a lot of ordinary Bangkokians are just plain tired of the protests and fighting from both yellow and red.  They want things to return to normal.  The reds are already alienating some of these uncommitted people by disrupting their lives.  Spilling blood will make them look like fanatics. 

Hopefully the medical community will not participate in this really horrible idea. 

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