Saturday, March 6, 2010

Caves of Kanchanaburi

During our December trip to Kanchanaburi, we visited some caves. I decided that I would take my camera and tripod and try to get some photos.

Well, taking photos in a cave is anything but easy. Not surprisingly, its hard to see in them. The darkness and the twists, turns and rocks makes lugging a tripod less than a joy.

In addition to making walking without tripping more difficult, the darkness also makes taking the photos themselves more challenging. Fortunately, I brought my off camera flash with me. I tried to take some photos without it, but I couldn't autofocus without the flash. It was too dark to manually get a good focus.

Despite falling a few times and banging my knees, I did get a few shots that turned out okay. I like this one for a few reasons. In addition to the cool rocks and the family, this shot also has bats in it. They are the black shapes on the rock in the upper left.

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