Friday, March 12, 2010

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Lately Aleena has been very interested in me (and her mom) reading books to her about science. We have our routine for her big reading book where I read a book to her and then she reads a page from her workbook.

The other day, instead of picking up a normal book for small kids, I grabbed a book for kids about how things work. It covers a lot of topics, and frankly its presented in a way that is a little above her head. She looked at it and said it was a boring book, and wasn't happy. Despite her protestations, I "read" her parts of the book. I didn't read verbatim, but rather sometimes summarized, substituted simpler words, and omitted parts all together. She loved it and the next time asked me to read it again.

So we've been reading the Magic School Bus books, which really are a great way to learn about science. Its nice to see her so enthusiastic about learning.

In fact, all the kids really are pretty eager about learning. Despite the fact that Jacob says he hates school, his teacher said it appears that he is always having a great time. I think the thing he doesn't like is when he has to buckle down and produce some work, particularly something written.

This week we hired a Thai tudtr to help the girls with their Thai. We will probably involve Jacob at some point, but he is pretty busy right now, so we don't want to push him too much.

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