Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jacob's Birthday

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Today was Jacob's 10th birthday. Overall it was a pretty good day for him.

I brought cookies to his classroom in the morning and read the Robert Munsch book, I'm Perfect Kiss Me. I didn't know if the kids would still enjoy his books, but after talking to his teacher I decided to give it a go. They really seemed to enjoy it.

Jacob wanted ribs so we ordered out from the BBQ King restaurant. Very expensive; fortunately for Jacob I didn't realize the cost until I was done ordering. Yaow and I had picked up a cake this afternoon from Central. I took her to help me carry things, as my right hand is still very tender.

Jacob opened his presents, which included the baseballs from mom and dad, as well as some books. His big present was a bicycle. You can see from his expression that he was pretty excited about it. We told him that the bike came from us, grandma and grandpa, plus his uncles, aunts and cousins in the U.S.

Since Jacob has now entered double digits, we moved his bedtime back to 8:30. I told him its a trial run, so if he is cranky or tired all the time we'd move it back up to 8:00. I think it will work out. Nalin isn't too thrilled that Jacob gets to stay up later. She isn't out and out complaining, but she asks about it a lot.

We were going to have his birthday party with his friends this weekend. Its going to be a sleepover with 4 or 5 of his buddies. However, he didn't get the invitations out in time, so we are pushing it back a few weeks. Its not all his fault, between my surgery last week and the fact that they had a four day weekend, the date kind of crept up on us. Its probably better for him anyway, as the glow of the new bike will please him for a bit.

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