Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aleena's Thumb

Aleena is now sporting a huge white bandage on her thumb.  Tonight right before bed she managed to slam the bathroom door on it.  I became aware of what happened when I heard the high pitch scream emanating from said bathroom. She had a nice little cut just below her thumb nail.  I put a bandage on it, but was a little concerned because she kept screaming for the better part of fifteen minutes.  

Of course, I was only a little concern that the thumb was broken because Aleena is not very good at handling pain.  The fact that she didn't want to bend it wasn't a great sign, but didn't necessarily mean it was a problem.

Finally I decided to just go to the doctor.  There is a clinic run by Samitivey just outside of Nichada.  I'm having some car issues, so while my car is at the house and kind of runs, Tim had the keys with her at work.  Aleena and I ended up taking a cab to and from the clinic.

The good news is that it was only a cut.  The doctor gave her some pain medicine and we were back home within an hour of leaving.   

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