Monday, November 29, 2010

Government Survives

The Thai Constitutional Court today dismissed the case today to dissolve the ruling Democrat party by a four to two vote.  The case involved the alleged misuse of campaign donations in 2005, and would have resulted in not only the dissolution of the party, but also a five year ban on party executives, including Prime Minister Abhisit.  The court ruled that the petition that started the process was unlawful, as it took more than fifteen days to file.  

The case has been mired in controversy.  The petition brought by the election commission occurred in the face of protesting red shirts outside their building.  There have also been tapes alleging to show individuals trying to influence the court to decide in the Democrats favor.  In fact, three judges recused themselves from the case, two because they were suing over the release of the allegedly damning video clips.  The red shirts will certainly call foul over this, seeing it as another example of the elite triumphing over the peasants.  

This whole controversy makes me really appreciate our court system in the U.S.  Believe me when I say that there are many U.S. Supreme Court rulings with which I disagree.  But while I might question the logic, wisdom and good jurisprudence of some of these decisions, I don't question the integrity of the Justices.  So while I rarely agreed with a decision by Justice Stevens, I wouldn't question his honesty or his commitment to the law.  If someone released a video clip that seemed to show someone trying to influence one of the U.S. Justices, it would genuinely shock me.  Here, its not even a mild surprise.  

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