Saturday, November 13, 2010

Embarrassing Videos

Over the last few months, there have been videos released on Youtube allegedly showing people associated with the Thai Supreme Court meeting with people who may have business before that court.  One of the first was an alleged meeting between the secretary of one of the judges and someone high up in the Democrat party.  There is currently a case before the court which could result in the disbanding of the Democrat party.

Recently there was a video that purported to show a meeting between a man associated with the court and some young men.  The conversation is supposed to involve the more senior man warning the younger men not to say anything about acquiring some tests.

There have been a dozen or so videos released.  The Thai government immediately moves to block these videos from viewing on Youtube.  They often get reposted, so its not clear how effective that is in preventing the dissemination of these videos.

How has the Thai court reacted to these videos which purport to show corruption and threaten to erase any credibility that the court might have?  Do they deny the charges or point out that the videos may not be what they seem to represent?  No, they declare that the videos are illegal and the government attempts to block them from viewing in Thailand.

I guess there is some irony in the fact that the men who found former PM Thaksin guilty of corruption are now embroiled in a corruption controversy themselves.  Ironic?  Perhaps.  Surprising?  No.

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