Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Soccer Matches of the Season

Jacob and Aleena had their first soccer matches of the season today.  Nalin decided not to play this year.  

Aleena is in the 4-6 group "mini" girl division.  They don't actually have structured teams, rather we just form them into teams on a week to week basis.  Last year she played in the same league and there were more formal teams.  The reason that they didn't do that this year was that they didn't have enough girls sign up.  

Aleena enjoys soccer as a fun social time.  She does run around after the ball and kick it occasionally, but she isn't too serious about it, and is more interested in having fun with her friends that she is scoring or winning the game.

Of course things are a bit more competitive in the 10 to 11 year old league that Jacob plays in.  Jacob was the goalie, and in the beginning, he made some good saves.  Later in the game, however, the other team was able to score quite a few goals.  Some of them he might have been able to stop, while many others would have been very difficult.  His team won 12-7.  The score in the other 10-11 year old league game was 10-7, so I think at this age, the kids ability to score outstrips their ability to play defense and defend the goal.   

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