Monday, November 15, 2010

Yaow Back Tomorrow

In a definite bit of good news, Yaow gets out of the hospital tomorrow. Fortunately, everything went well.

It will be a little while before she will be at full strength, but it will be nice to have her back.  I told her friend Meow to let her know that I had not washed a single dish while she was gone, so that there was plenty for her to do when she returned.  She knew that I was joking of course.  

In fact, I did cook, do laundry, dishes and clean (okay, straightened up a little) this past week.  For the most part I didn't mess anything up too much.  I did bring the wrong pair of pants for Aleena's gymnastics practice on Thursday, but she was okay practicing in her one piece.  On Friday, I brought the wrong pants to dance practice.  I had the right style, but grabbed the wrong size.  I am not sure why the pair I bought for her next year was sitting with her other clothes, but we made it work.  

Still, very glad to see Yaow return and very happy that she is better.    

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