Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Aleena is once again busy this semester with dance, gymnastics, girl scouts and baseball.  Tuesday and Thursdays are pretty long days for her, as she has several activities on those days.

Currently Nalin and Aleena share a bedroom.  We are going to move Aleena into her own bedroom soon in order to give Nalin her own space and to help Aleena become more independent.  She seems okay with the idea, but we'll see how she reacts when we implement the plan.

Last week she helped raise about $70 to rebuild a library for a Thai school that was impacted by the recent floods.  That definitely exceeded her stated goal of 80 baht (about $2).  They are going to deliver the money as part of a field trip next week.  With any lucky, I'll be able to tag along and take some photos.

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