Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nalin Update

Tomorrow and Friday night Nalin will play the part of coconut tree number three in the ISB ES production of the Jungle Book.  She and her fellow cast members have been working very hard rehearsing their roles. Nalin is very excited because the trees are a speaking part, and she has several lines.

In addition to her thespian endeavors, Nalin is playing softball this year.  She wasn't too thrilled about my signing her up, but I think that she is having fun.  Due to the smaller number of softball players, all the Elementary School girls play in same league, so each team is made up of girls from grade one through five.

Now one would think that this would be nice because Nalin and Aleena could be on the same team, thereby reducing the number of games that I attend each week.  That would be wishful thinking.  I spoke with Nalin about this, and she was adamant that she and Aleena not be on the same team, so I honored her wishes and asked them to be separated.  Just about every other pair of sisters play on the same team.  The one thing that bothers me more is that Nalin somehow ended up on a team with some of her friends and a bunch of Aleena's friends.  Aleena, meanwhile, ended up on a team where she is not close with anyone.  Karma was definitely not at work in this instance.

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