Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thinking Day

Saturday was the Girls Scout Thinking Day at ISB.  On Thinking Day, the Girl Scout troops got together to learn about other countries, and girls scouts in those countries.

It was a pretty busy day. In addition to the Girl Scout event, Nalin and Aleena both had softball games scheduled.  Nalin also had the cast party for the Jungle Book production.  We let the girls skip softball, and Nalin came to thinking day after she was done with the party.

Each troop researched one country and set up a table at the event where they displayed what they learned to the other scouts.  In addition to information about the country, they also served food from that country.  Aleena's troop selected Vietnam, and served some excellent spring rolls.  The night before, they helped make the spring rolls at Jack and Douan's house.  Apparently they ate so many of them that they had to make more the next morning.

Nalin's troop presented information on Qatar and served hummus.  For the first half of the event, there were only two troop members present, as the rest were at the cast party.



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