Sunday, February 26, 2012

Job and Maria Charity Run

Friday afternoon the sixth annual Job and Maria Charity Fun Run took place at ISB.  Job and Maria were ISB first grade students who dies in the 2004 Tsunami.  The charity benefits those Thais who were impacted by the Tsunami.

The two hundred baht entry fee includes both a t-shirt and participation in the race. The runs were organized by age, the pre-K kids ran two-hundred meters, the adults and high school kids a mile, and others a distance in between. Aleena and Tim were both signed up to participate, but Tim ended up giving her shirt to someone who had left theirs at home.

The second graders had to run one lap around the track.  They had a false start, but only ten or so of the thirty kids running actually stopped.  The let the results from that run stand, and then they ran another heat later in the afternoon for those who had stopped or wanted to run a second time.  This left them six ribbons short (3 for the girls, 3 for the boys), so the winners in the adult races gave up their ribbons for the kids.



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