Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All About the Boy

Jacob has really embraced the Boy Scouts.  He has been on almost every campout since he joined, and has managed to make the rank of Second Class.  I think that we are going to send him to some Boy Scout summer camp this year, but I'm not sure where.

Jacob went camping with the Boy Scouts in the first weekend of February.  He got back on Sunday afternoon, and then on Wednesday went on the ISB Middle School campout. He had a great time on both.  Tim said that she heard that some parents and kids were crying at the separation, but Jacob is definitely okay spending time away.

Baseball is also in full swing.  Generally he has two games a week; either one on Friday and one on Saturday, or a double header on Saturday.

Tim also signed Jacob up for two days a week of boot camp with our friend Jack.   Apparently there will be some competition in March and April between Jacob and Tim with a dinner at stake.

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