Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Jungle Book

The ISB ES Friday Jungle Book Friday performance was even better than the first night.  The kids seemed much less nervous, and even did some improvising.  During the show, Nalin improvised at one point by shaking her butt, which drew laughter.

Friday I sat in the fourth row, much closer than the night before.  I was snapping away photos to share with the families and students (Flickr Jungle Book Set).  Because the lighting isn't great, I was usually taking three at a time, and my camera would make a clack-clack-clack sound when I did.  Tim told me that one or two people would turn around when I did, looking a bit irritated.  Some friends two rows in front of us also heard it.  Sam told me that his first thought was "who is that?", and then he turned around, saw it was me and  thought "oh, it's okay, it's Brian."

On Saturday morning the kids celebrated their successful effort with a cast party.  This meant for quite a busy morning for Nalin, as she also had the Girl Scout's Thinking Day and a couple of softball games at the same time.  She skipped softball, and joined girl scouts after the cast party.

She really enjoyed the experience, although I think she is probably happy to have a bit of a break from it, as they practiced quite a bit in the last week or two.  Nalin was also happy that her teacher, Ms. Melhorn, did not give any homework this weekend in recognition that many of her students were in the performance.



A photo of the cake for the cast party on Saturday.


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