Thursday, February 23, 2012

Starting Over

Today we are going to the Thai immigration office to apply for my ninety day visa.  If I get the ninety day visa, then I can apply for a one year visa based on my marriage.

We learned that a lot of the rules have changed recently because someone new has taken charge of the immigration department.  This is apparently a common pattern; a new person takes charge, makes new rules and decides to clamp down hard on immigration rules and requirements, then after four or five months, things relax again.

One good thing is that we have to go to the immigration offices on Chaengwattanna for the ninety day visa.  This office is only about ten or fifteen minutes from our house.  When applying for the one year visa, we have to drive forty five minutes to the office in Nonthaburi.

This time we hired someone to help us with the process.  Hopefully this means that things will go more smoothly.  I guess if things don't work out, and I can't get the ninety day visa, I can always take a week holiday every month so that I can re-enter and get another thirty day visa.  Yeah, I'm sure Tim would love that.

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