Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Constitutional Changes

The PPP and its allies are seeking to change one section of the 2007 Constitution. There is an article that states that if an MP (Member of Parliment) candidate engages in voter fraud and if the party leadership knows and does nothing about it, that the party will be disolved.

The largest two PPP allies have already had their leadership found to have engaged in voter fraud by buying votes. Additionally, the PPP itself has senior leadership under investigation for voter fraud. Some pundits are saying that the courts will have no choice but to dissolve the parties. Disolving the parties would probably result in the collapse of this government, and likely new elections.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Democrats, the only party not part of the coalition government, are very cool to the idea of changing the Constitution. While their leadership supports changes for the better of the country, they expressed opposition to changes to help a political party.

There is some concern that the uncertainty about the stability of this government is hurting the economy by keeping foreign investment away. Proponents of the change argue that the true victims of disolving the political parties are the people through the economy. Cynics might claim that those who engage in voter fraud in the first place might not have the best interest of the country in their heart at all.

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