Saturday, March 15, 2008

You Can See Its Weiner

I went to work with Tim today to install some software for her employees. As the nanny and maid are on a four day vacation, we took the kids with us.

Around twelve o'clock, we were all pretty hungry so we decided to get lunch. My assumption was that we would go to the KFC here in Tim's building, as it a favorite of the kids. When we left, we were accompanied by one of Tim's clients and two of her employees. Instead of eating here, they decided that we would go to a different restaurant. Tim, the kids and I followed the other three. After a forty minute drive, we stopped at a Thai restaurant that was virtually identical to the dozens of Thai restaurants that we had passed to get there. It was kind of like driving forty minutes to go to an Applebee's, all along the way passing Applebee's, Friday's and other such restaurants.

I said virtually identical because there was one thing that made this restaurant a little different than most others. In addition to a small play area, they had some dinosaur statues that were about seven or height feet high. As we were leaving, I looked over and saw the T-rex and mentioned it to the kids. As I looked closer at the statue, I was a bit surprised. Jutting out between the fearsome t-rex's leg was a penis. The dinosaur must have confused our car with a lady dinosaur because his member appeared to be fully engorged. Of course Jacob saw it and said "look you can see its wiener".

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