Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob

Today is Jacob's 8th birthday. Tim and I went to his class today and delivered cupcakes and goodie bags. I then put on a puppet show featuring some of his favorite puppets. It was really nice that Tim could make it, Jacob was surprised and pleased to see her there.

Tonight we are going out for dinner, and Tim got a Garfield cake. Jacob has become a very big Garfield fan over the last few weeks. He checks out Garfield books from the library, and reads the strip in the paper.

We are not doing a big birthday party with friends this time. We missed it with Nalin because we had just moved. I think that we are going to let each of them bring a friend or two and go bowling or some other activity.

The kids are off of school on Thursday and Friday for progress reports. Nalin's is a more standard parent-teacher meeting, while Jacob presents his portfolio during his time.


HeatherV said...

Do you have Myspace? I don't but I get on there and browse from time to time to see what classmates/high school friends are on there. I've thought about setting up an account, but am a little hesitant. I don't really know the difference between Myspace and Facebook. However, either way, it is a good way to pass some time.

HeatherV said...

See above...I suppose I put the wrong comment under the wrong blog entry. Anyway, Ethan, Eric and I would like to wish Jacob a very Happy 8th birthday.
Jacob, we can't believe how much you've grown. It just seems like yesterday you were learning how to walk and talk. Oh how clever you were (and still are)! We hope you have a great birthday!

Brian V. (aka Spurlock) said...

I just started a myspace, but I think I like facebook better. I really haven't set up much for either.