Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Elections

The lower Parliamentary house elections were last December, where the PPP won the most seats and formed a coalition government with everyone but the Democrats. This week, there were elections for the Thai senate.

Half the Thai senate is elected, and half is appointed from academia and other institutions. The senate doesn't really appear to have any real power.

The lack of power was certainly evident in the campaign and turnout. While over 70% of the Thai voters turned out back in December, just 56% voted this week. The discrepancy in the number of campaign signs was staggering. I saw a handful of signs this time around, while they were ever where in December. My guess is that there were fifty signs in December for every sign for this election.

One positive note is that this was probably a much cleaner election than the one in December. Its not likely that people were buying votes in order to win a seat in an advisory body. My guess is that the Election Commission will not yellow or red card any senate winners.


heatherv said...

The Ohio Primary is today. Clinton needs to win this, but I'm sure you're aware. You seem to stay abreast on current events, much better than myself.

e said...

Of course leave it up to Ohio to screw something up like not having enough democratic ballots.