Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Krabi & Burning Alive

We are going to Krabi next week for a four day holiday. Krabi is in the south and is popular for its beaches. We are probably going to do some snorkeling.

My main objective, however, is to make sure that I have the proper sun screen. The last time I went to the south with Tim was on our Phucket trip, back before we were married. Phucket is around 6 degrees from the equator, so the sun is pretty strong there. Tim went and got me sun screen which I dutifully put on. As I read the bottle, however, I noticed that she had gotten me UV protection 2.

No, I didn't leave off the second digit, she bought protection two. I think that cooking oil may be related a two, because cook I did. Even though it was cloudy a good part of the day, my shoulders and back turned bright red. By evening it was almost too painful to wear a shirt. We went to the night market and bought the softest shirt that we could find. We flew back a few days later, and by that time my skin was peeling like crazy. The person sitting next to me on the plane probably thought I had the worst dandruff ever.


HeatherV said...

How exactly, do you say Phucket? is it pronounced the way it's spelled? LOL!

Brian V. (aka Spurlock) said...

You know, with names like Bangkok, Phucket, and Bang Sue, its a small wonder that Thailand is known for its sex industry.

Actually though, Phucket is pronounced Pooh-ket. Thais write "Ph" in English to represent the P sound. They use P for the sound that is a mix between B and P.