Wednesday, August 18, 2010

IT Day

It felt like I was doing IT work today.  I Installed RAM on two computers, set up two printers and installed anti virus software on two PCs and a laptop.

I was going to buy two 4 gig ram sticks for my PC, and add the two 2 gig sticks that I already have into the kids (they currently have one 1 gig stick).  I had trouble finding 4 gig sticks, so I just bought three 2 gig sticks, giving me 8 gig of RAM, and the kids 3.  I've only played around a little bit, but the difference in performance with the additional RAM is significant.

The printer setup was not as easy as plug and play.  Well, it was and it wasn't.  One of the problems that I had with my old printer (the one the kids are now using), is to get it to print colors the way I want them.  I manage the color on my monitors using the Spyder 3 Elite.  The Spyder calibrates monitors, so that colors are presented in a consistent way.  If you've ever noticed how the colors on a photo might look a little different on your laptop or on different monitors.  By calibrating the colors, you can ensure that the colors is presented consistently on all your displays.

The problem was that while my colors were calibrated on the monitor, they were printing out looking muddy and muted.  I actually experienced the same when I had them printed at Walmart in the U.S.  I was really disappointed with the colors.  The print shop at Tim's business actually does a fantastic job with printing the colors.  I recently had a big batch of 5x7's and 8x10's done, and I was very pleased.

Still, I wanted to be able to print at home, so that is why I bought the Canon.  My first prints were disappointing.  Finally, I found in the manual how to use color management, and I have been pleased with the way the photos are turning out.  It actually may be more expensive to print them at home, but its a lot more convenient.

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