Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thai Politics

Its always amazing how a Prime Minister deposed almost four years ago can stay in the headlines.  Former PM Thaksin Shinawatra resigned recently from his position as an economic adviser to Cambodia.  Thaksin's position, along with the border temple dispute did little to warm the relationship between the two neighbors.  The reported reason for Thaksin stepping down was that he was too busy with other business interests. 

When people hear protests in Thailand, they usually think of the red shirt protests in 2009 and earlier this year.  However, the yellow shirts really kicked off the protests in 2008, when they occupied the Parliament and the two airports.  Almost two years later, yellow shirt leader Sondhi was required to appear at the police station to answer charges against him for his alleged role; including charges of terrorism.  Sondhi has threatened to sue the policeman handling the case in both civil and criminal courts.

The red shirts are quick to point out that while charges against the red shirts for events in the late spring are proceeding, that the charges against the yellow shirts from 2008 are still "limping along".  They are right; just because the red shirt's did a lot of stupid things in their protests doesn't mean they are entirely wrong about unequal treatment.  Of course, if they were at the other end of the stick, they'd be swinging it just as hard. 

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