Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So I'm having problems getting Symantec to take my money for their anti-virus software. They are telling me its a server issue, but it seems I had an issue once before with either them or another anti-virus vendor to accept my credit card order.  Its not a credit card rejection problem.  I tried once and thought maybe they picked up something about me being in Thailand, so they thought it was fraudulent (although I don't usually have that issue).  The second time I even connected to a proxy server in the U.S. to change my IP address so it appears I'm coming from the U.S., but had the same results. 

I've chatted twice with their agents.  The first wanted to remotely control my PC so he could install the trial version of the software for me.  Um, no thanks, I can manage just fine myself.  During the second conversation, the agent wanted to remotely control my PC so he could place the order for me.  Once again, no thanks.  Besides, the problem wasn't that I couldn't fill out the order form, rather that afterwards they said there was a technical issue.  Eight hours later I got an email that the order was canceled. 

Of course, I installed the trial version of the software, so if I try again tomorrow with the same results, I am going to have to uninstall and find another vendor.  The funny part is that I could drive down the road about fifteen minutes, buy a pirated version of the software for about five dollars and be done with it.  Instead, I get a headache trying to actually pay for the software. 

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