Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've mentioned before how riding a motorcycle can be pretty hazardous here in Thailand.  Certainly a lot of the danger is the result of the motor cyclist themselves, weaving in and out of traffic; darting in and out of blind spots to get to their destination a few minutes earlier. 

When I was driving to the IT Mall today, there was a bit of a traffic backup on Chaeng Wattana.  That's not particularly unusual, although at midday traffic is usually fairly light.  There was a policeman standing in the center lane, waving people to go to the left and right of him.  Immediately behind him was the body of a motor cyclist lying dead on the road.  The wreckage had already been cleared away, but they body remained were it had fallen; waiting for the morgue to arrive. 

It struck me in a weird way.  They didn't even close the lane off for this man's death; just a policeman waving traffic around in order to miss his corpse.

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